Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Great "TWIC" saga - -

Currently all LICENSED Mariner's are required to have this by April 15, 2009 

I had delayed long enough, having "pre-enrolled" some time ago, but dreading the drive to Granite City, IL  enrollment center.  Recently I discovered the Kansas City enrollment center was located in Overland Park,  Kansas,  just 3 minutes from where we would be spending Thanksgiving  and the Christmas holidays with our grand-kids - - went on line, using the now fairly easy to use - appointment schedule and  - was able to make an appointment for enrollment @ 0815 hrs on Dec 1st.  Arrived @ 0800 and waited (along with the guy who had the 0800 appointment) filled out a 1 page form and waited.   The 0800 was taken in @ about 0835 and was out 15 minutes later - at which point I entered the enrollment cube - - provided my pre-enrollment and I.D. documents, had my picture snapped, verified the info on the screen  - - - and that was IT! (well almost) - I paid $105.25 for the pleasure -- I was told that I would be notified when my card was ready for pick-up.  Exactly 15 days later (today) I was notified my card is ready - I'll pick it up over the holidays - -  relatively painless - - MERRY CHRISTMAS from TSA?- 
for more info on TWIC go to OFFICIAL TWIC SITE -
or Doug Goulds "Twicilious" page on his blog www.onthehip.blogspot.com or  http://www.5goulds.com/twicilious.html

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