Friday, February 19, 2016

Hurricane Agnes, July 1972, Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania USCG Flood Relief

 recently ran across this document copy in my service record, dated 27 June, 1972 from the OIC (Officer-In-Charge) of Townsend Inlet Station, Townsend Inlet, N.J. To Commander Coast Guard Group Cape May

I was the Senior Petty Officer on this mission.  Trailering the 17 footer (CG 17194) to Wilkes-Barre in response to request for CG assistance.  

This was quite an assignment for us  - The letter gives a daily account of where we were and what we were doing - - We were also involved in searching for Coffins from the Forty Fort Cemetery that had been swept away - -  

Below is the only photo of the CG 17194 from Townsend Inlet, that I can find,  this was a photo from a (Circa) 1972 full color 15 page USCG Recruiting pamphlet, with myself at wheel and another Petty Officer on ICW in front of Townsend Inlet Boat House - - 

Townsend I:O.jpg

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