Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Black Thunder Vs Shore - - Shore won - -

Two injured when boat runs aground;

See Lake Expo article HERE
This nice 32 foot, 1990 Black Thunder lays on her Starboard side,
Sunk in about 7 foot of water near shore early Saturday morning,  June 7
She suffered extensive hull damaged near keel line, mid-ships,
Starboard side.

Atlantis Dive (Tim McNItt) attaches air bags to
Now floating on air bags, she is pulled closer to shore
to complete rigging.
Due to extensive underwater damage, she could not be
Dewatered on scene, 3 more bags were added
and she was towed to Silver Sands Marina floating on the Lift Bags
At ramp @ Silver Sands,  she was trailered by
and turned over to PRO-BOAT Marine,
Sunrise Beach for holding and motor preservation

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