Wednesday, May 14, 2014


MAY 28, 1954 - Mystery continues to surround this story now 60 years old. This short film may spark your curiosity to learn more -.


The CENTRAL MISSOURI LEADER front page of June 2, 1954 was filled with tragic reports surrounding the Grand Glaize incident, it also included the unfortunate loss of two other young men who drowned over this period.

The following is how the paper described that heartbreaking Holiday weekend:

“As it stands now, the recent weekend was the most tragic ever experienced on the Lake of the Ozarks” “ Ten persons lost their lives by drowning - the most costly weekend from the standpoint of loss of life in the History of Lake of the Ozarks”

On MAY 28, 2014,  at 2:30 P.M.  Near the 4 Mile Mark on Lake of the Ozarks, a MEMORIAL WREATH will be placed upon the waters of Lake of the Ozarks, In remembrance of those lost and as a reminder of the seriousness and significant gravity of these incidents.

This MEMORIAL shall also be considered a tribute to the major strides made in Boating Safety, Inspection and Search & Rescue responses currently available on Lake of the Ozarks, which, in part, resulted out of lessons learned from historic tragedies such as; 

The "Grand Glaize"
WHEREAS, The Missouri House of Representatives, Ninety-seventh General Assembly joined unanimously to reflect on this moment in Missouri history and issued a Resolution to memorialize the sixtieth anniversary of the Grand Glaize boating accident of May 28, 1954

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Mary Johnson said...

Thank you for this story and all the work you've done....My Aunt Alice Lamberty and cousin Warren were among those who did not survive.....
Are you going to have another memorial in 2015? That would be so wonderful if you do as I and others would like to attend....
Thank you once again,
Mary Alice Pokorny Johnson