Sunday, March 23, 2014

"FAILURE TO LAUNCH" - The "Lake" seems unwilling to give her up -

The "Don" seems "poised" for take off to the surface - -but - the "Lake" still has a firm hold on her tail - and is reluctant to let her go - for now - - 
The old Lake of the Ozarks Excursion Vessel "LARRY DON" (Circa 1948) appears to be still "struggling" to reach the surface for over a month - repeated efforts to re-float her have been hampered by ice, cold temps, some controversy and funds to reclaim her from the lake.  "Salvage" of a vessel of this size, age & construction is difficult, hazardous and expensive.  As of March 22, 2014 @ 7:00 p.m. the DON was still sitting at the same angle as this photo.  Salvage crews from River Diving and Salvage had been working on her since last Wedensday and had installed salvage hatches and pumped out the forward 3 or 4 holds which floats the front - - they have been stalled by the 5th compartment and machinery space which, when pumped, should float her.  Repeated attempts over the past 2 days have had little effect, which possibly indicates she has a very large hole (or holes) in these spaces that the Hard Hat diver is unable to reach at this time - -.  I have NO doubt that River Diving and Salvage will break the "Lake's" grip on the Larry Don soon - - -

Here are some shots of the last round of "pumping" the "Don:"
A LARGE Salvage Pump is brought in to play pumping out the Machinery Space 
March 22, 2014 - Pumping with 7 Salvage pumps, moving over 1,000 gpm the Lake refuses to let go.
SUNSET - MAY 23, 2014 some progress is seen using a 250 Ton wrecker on IGUANA
Barge lifting on the stern of the Larry Don - - and still pumping - - - -
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