Wednesday, July 24, 2013

LAKE TOUR with WEST MARINE Store Managers

WEST MARINE OSAGE BEACH STORE MANAGER Samantha Luttrell  and New West Marine, St Charles, MO store Manager Michael Holmes took quick tour of Lake with TOWBOATU.S. Lake of the Ozarks

On Wednesday July 10, 2013, Captain Dave Anderson took the above two WM store Managers aboard TowBoat 4702 for a 40+ mile tour of part of our general operating area, including Bagnell Dam and the Gravois Arm of Lake of the Ozarks.  They were met by Captain Meyer and TowBoat "Point Young" at the "Jolly Roger" on water restaurant, where they were treated to lunch by Meyer & Anderson.

Our Osage Beach store manager Samantha Luttrell had been managing both stores over the past several months and was in charge of training the new St Charles store manager (Michael Holmes), the Saint Charles store has a lot of Lake of the Ozarks customers as well as Missouri & Mississippi River customers.  Michael had lots of "retail' experience, but not a lot of boating experience, so she thought it would be a good opportunity for him to learn a little about the Lake, boating in general and meet and learn a little bit about how BOATUS Towing services work on the water.
Left to Right - Captain Charles Meyer, Captain Dave Anderson,
West Marine Osage Beach, Store Manager Samantha Luttrell and
West Marine, St Charles, MO.  Manager Michael Holmes

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