Friday, April 5, 2013

Land that Time Forgot - 72 Mile Mark Rescue Tow - -

The "Point Young" on yet another adventure past the 50 Mile Mark 
Last Saturday, received a call from BOATUS dispatch that a BOATUS ANGLER member was soft grounded on a Mud Flat at the 72 mile mark (Over 50 miles from the Tournament Launch site) and needed assistance. - - - Ooo K, I advised dispatch that ETA was going to be at least 2 hours as this was a 60+ mile one way trip for the towboat we used in shallow water.  Cell coverage in that area is very poor, but I was able to establish comms with the strand by "text".  We always have some "reservations" sending a boat up past the 50 mile mark  - - See HERE  - but I suited up and prepared to head in to the Unknown - - I checked the local UFO reporting web sites and there were no reports of recent ALIEN abductions near the 70 mile mark - - just in case I lined my cap with Aluminum Foil - - and headed out.

2 hours and 20 minutes later, I arrived on scene after dodging countless Jon & Bass boats loaded with fishermen "snagging" for Paddlefish.  (Paddlefish are a Pre-historic looking fish that is caught by "snagging") - 
It is my FIRM belief that the fishing and taking of this Pre-historic
fish had (and has) disturbed the balance of nature and the Universe
near the area of the 70 mile mark and their signals of "distress" has caused
a time warp and their Pre-historic cousins were coming to their Rescue
which resulted in what I encountered upon arrival. 
I was not quite prepared for what I saw when I arrived, I quickly recruited some near-by "snaggers" in a Jon-Boat and asked them to take towline in as close to the 21' Triton Bass boat as they could - - after dispatching them  - I realized they had Paddlefish in their boat which is probably what caused the Ruckus that in-sued - - they were able to deliver the line to the strand and he quickly hooked up, wanting out of there in a hurry - -!!  The "good sam's" in the Jon Boat also beat a hasty re-treat, fearing for their lives! - - - I believe the "saucers" saved us all, by scaring off the Paddlefishes cousins who would have surely made short work of us - - - - Of course this never really happened - - - or did it?

I have removed the tin foil lining from my cap - - I am no longer afraid - - I have friends up there - -

This quick photo was taken as some brave fishermen were taking the tow line
to the stranded Bass Boat which can barely be seen to the left of the guy
in the Yellow coat - - - Luckily, The Dinosaurs were scared away by the Alien ships - -  -

This story may be "slightly" embellished,
but the fact is, these Tournament Fishermen were grounded over 50 miles from launch, the entire evolution took over 5 hours to complete, a 120 mile round trip for the Towboat and 600 foot of towline to get hold of them - - because they were BOATUS ANGLER members the ONLY thing it cost them was a little pride - - unfortunately they didn't make "check-in" with a bass they showed me that I believe would have taken the Tournament - - 


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