Sunday, March 18, 2012


SUNDAY, APRIL 1, 2012, 8:00 P.M. CENTRAL
Nearly 11 long months ago we had the privledge to work with the RIVER MONSTER'S Production Team, Host and crew, filming some segments for the upcoming season.  We can only HOPE that after 3+ days of work, cold water, "hurry up and wait", we may be able to see some of our efforts actually played out in the alleged 2 hour opening special of this popular Animal Planet series hosted by Mr Wade.  RIVER MONSTER'S is keeping details about SEASON 4 tightly held and we have so far been unable to uncover any hints that our brief role even made it to the final production. - - On March 14, they released this "Teaser" on YOUTUBE:

NOTHING on the "Teaser" hints to the LAKE OF THE OZARKS portion of the SHOW, so I guess we will have to stock up on the Popcorn, and turn on the "Tube" Sunday April 1st and see how it goes - - -
As I said in the posts on this I made nearly a year ago, having been involved in film productions in the past - - Our little 15 seconds of fame - - may have been reduced to less than 1.5 seconds of "bubbles" and splashing water - - if that.  If you would like to review the RIVER MONSTER'S, Lake of the Ozarks stories from the filming last May - - click HERE or go to the "SEARCH" box in the top left corner of this Blog and enter "RIVER MONSTERS" - - - - -
Grandson RYAN DUBINSKI (Left) RM Host and Cousin JONAH DUBINSKI after Filming last May

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