Wednesday, January 25, 2012

SOMETIMES, You Just Can't Win -

As always, "Mother Nature" is hard to reckon with -  I have run some recent posts concerning "Drift Aways" that are often not secured on their lifts.  We have had some pretty windy weather over the past few weeks,. high winds along with temperature changes often cause boat lifts to leak down and if "YOU DON'T TIE OFF THY BOAT", IT'S GONNA LEAVE.  - - However; In this case, our customer had followed that advice and tied off each of his two PWC's with substantial line to solid cleats on the "Drive on" style floating lift. - -  - Soo - THIS TIME, THE WHOLE LIFT WITH BOTH PWC'S ABOARD - BREAKS LOOSE AND HEADS OUT ON A ONE AND A QUARTER MILE TOUR TO THE NORTH SHORE - -
Two 2002 Yama PWC's on lift taking a sunny morning cruise


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