Saturday, November 19, 2011

On the Road

I haven't been posting much lately as we have been on the road and things have really slowed down with both "boating" and of course the season ended at the farm as well - -  While headed back home, made a brief "rainy" day stop by TOWBOATU.S., Hopewell, Virginia. moorings.  City Point, the oldest part of Hopewell, was founded in 1613 by Sir Thomas Dale.  City Point is located on a bluff overlooking the James and Appomattox Rivers has been an important factor in Hopewell's history for almost four centuries. TOWBOATU.S., Hopewell, VA is located at Jordan Point Marina just below the Benjamin Harris Bridge on the James River.  
TowBoatU.S. Hopewell, VA, Benjamin Harris Bridge in Background

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