Saturday, July 16, 2011


BURNED OUT hulk of Runabout rests against sea wall near home that was
also in danger of catching fire 

This 1990 Ozark Runabout was a total loss after catching fire near a residential dock at the 9.8-mile marker. According to the Water Patrol, the fire broke out in the engine compartment about 12:22 p.m.   with 7 persons aboard, one passenger reported a minor injury, but refused treatment.

The boat was totalled.  During the fire the vessel drifted into a neighboring dock burning the walkway.  The heat and flames caught some near-by brush on fire and nearly caused a fire  to breakout on the house.
The Water Patrol, Sunrise Beach Fire Protection District and a Sunrise Beach Fire Boat responded to the scene to extinguish the fire and provide emergency support.
There was very little of the boat left to recover, but we were able to winch the remains aboard Atlantis Dive's  Salvage Vessel "Nautilus" and transport it to Osage Beach, where it was transferred to a "Rollback" Wrecker from A-1 THOMAS WRECKER of Camdenton to be held for investigation.
Burned and collapsed dock walkway

Slowly winching the hull aboard

Vessel aboard and ready for transport

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