Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"CHECKPOINT" "Operation Dry Water"

Operator (orange pfd)  of Pontoon boat just taken in to custody after having
failed a field Sobriety check, and no other persons aboard that qualified as
"Sober's", the vessel will be towed to safe mooring or impounded -

This Saturday evening's, broad daylight, Sobriety checkpoint in the mouth of Anderson Hollow Cove (Party Cove) netted quite a number of BUI's. 

 As it was FULL daylight and over 11 Patrol Boats (with lights) spaced across the cove and in plain sight, it was a "NO BRAINER" that when you crossed the line - - - "Your gonna get stopped and checked".  In spite of all the obvious warning signals - - there were 7 BUI arrests out of a total of 103  boats stopped during the over 2 hour checkpoint.  There is a "LOT" of "haranguing" in the local media regarding the stepped up BUI enforcement both on and off the water - - and I am not about to get in the middle of the argument, but I can say this - - - IF you have been drinking, and IF you think you may be over the legal limit (.08, same as DUI) and IF you are exiting an area where you can see an obvious "CHECKPOINT" - - (you know, those PATROL BOAT thingy's , with RED and BLUE FLASHING  LIGHT thingy's ) -  STOPPING every boat that goes past them) over a 1/4 a mile away - - - AND YOU DRIVE RIGHT UP TO IT - - (you know, kinda like,)  "I'm invisible, they can't see me, I'm gonna drive through  - - AND you get stopped and HAULED OFF for BUI - GUESS WHAT - YOU REALLY KINDA HAD THAT FREE RIDE IN A PATROL BOAT COMING - -

I believe, that maybe due to exposure to the elements, a few drinks, (and some really loud music emitting from your $8,000.00 sound system thrown in) (I know, that's a cheap system)  gives some people a sort of "brain freeze" that being faced with the OBVIOUS - - nothing will happen to YOU and when it does, it becomes the legal limit law or the OFFICER's fault that you were stopped!

Bottom line - no matter how you view the law or the checkpoints, this one, hands down is a prime example of stupidity - - IT was advertised there would be a CHECKPOINT, it was BROAD DAYLIGHT,  it could be seen from a 1/2 mile away, and it IS NOT illegal to "drop the hook" and kick back for a bit - - you know, maybe sober up??  IF YOU GOT CAUGHT UP IN THIS ONE - - OH, WELL, NEVER MIND - -

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