Friday, February 11, 2011


Yesterday morning (Feb 10) at 0630 we had - 15 degrees below zero!  The Sunset (below) yesterday evening showed what our weather forecasters had already promised -  - "Sailors Delight" in a warm-up, moving in fast  - - this morning (Feb 11) we are at 18 degrees ( over 30 degree increase) with a promise of 30.'s 40's, and YES even 60 degree temps as we move in to next week!!!
Red Sunset shows the cloud reflection on the icy main channel, promises  a Warm-UP
This warm-up will allow us to get to work removing this 33ft Celebrity Cruiser we were called in on yesterday afternoon.  Iced in except for part of the slip she was in, she sank down in the bow and only her lines were keeping her from heading to the 50ft depths below.  Our crews went to work to stabilize her in place, boom her off to prevent any pollution issues - - - and wait for the ice to go away so we can get her out - - -.
FROZEN MAIN CHANNEL Adjacent to our Cruiser's dock

NOSE DOWN - - Hanging on

Tim McNitt (ATLANTIS DIVE) Rigs one of several Straps under her to stabilize her in place

Leaving her in place and only slightly raised, keeps the motors submerged until  haul-out
This is not the preferred method of recovery, but the only one at this point.  The water temp is still higher than air temp.  If we pumped her out to floating - - the water flooded motors would turn in to a block of ice before she could be removed - - - 

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