Thursday, January 20, 2011

JANUARY - "Makes me Shiver" -

4 inch plus snow 1-19-20-11
This 30 ft Carver Cruiser succumbed to the recent "Freeze - Thaw" over the end of last week, which resulted in sinking due to a frozen A/C system Raw water strainer.
Our crew was under the gun to raise this one and get her secured on land before the storm arrived on evening of 1/19/11 (above)  with a predicted 4-6 inch snow fall and temps in the upper teens to low 20's.

The cove where this cruiser was docked had began to ice in, the nearest Boat Ramp was marginal with some ice and snow cover, making for a tricky removal.  If the boat wasn't removed and all the systems "pickled" quickly after it was out of water the loss could be even greater.  If this boat wasn't removed soon, it could turn in to a solid block of ICE - - -.
30ft Carver Cruiser - Sunk at dock 1-18-11

TOWBOATU.S. and ATLANTIS DIVE crews went to work and raised, towed and secured the vessel yesterday (1/19/10) with the winter storm breathing down their necks - - - 


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