Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New Technology - New Phone - OLD OPERATOR

Years ago, I marveled at the "coolness" of my first mobile phone; (a HUGE Bag phone that had to weigh 12 lbs), with the signal strength of your kids plastic "walkie-talkie".  As the years progressed, my last phone was a "Blackberry" with "push to talk" feature which was very handy and some other "bells & whistles" which I seldom used - -.  The last several months, (probably longer than that) I have been dropping calls right and left, spending hours on the line with the "techs" and so on - - .  Yesterday, with the help of my two grandsons, we switched carriers and phones, hopefully to one that I can maintain a complete call lasting more than a few seconds - -.  Grandson Blake, (a IPhone) wizard walked me through some of the features of my new "droid" Galaxy "S" phone after having spent the last several hours getting my service switched and filling out all the "contract" stuff.  I get in the car, Blake is at the wheel, as I admire my new "high tech" device  - - - - and the thing rings, (some un-godly annoying ring tone that my "up to date" grandson's have chosen - - my first call!!  The screen lights up - - and wallaah!  - This is GREAT!  On the screen is a HUGE GREEN BUTTON - - this is simple - - right  - JUST PUSH THE BUTTON - -??  I "PUSH" THE BUTTON AND TRY TO FIGURE OUT WHICH END IS UP - - NOTHING - - STILL THE ANNOYING RING TONE - - PUSH AGAIN - - - NOTHING - - PHONE CONTINUES TO RING - --  O.K. THIS IS FRUSTRATING - - I'M PUSHING THE GD BUTTON THE SIZE OF A QUARTER AND I GOT NOTHIN!!!!!  Blake grabs the phone from my hand (which is about to see if the damn thing can fly!!)    - and does something  - and hands it back and says TALK!!  I figure WHERE I'm supposed to TALK and mumble something in to the phone - - - It happens to be Capt Dave Anderson - - who asks if I'm busy, since took me so long to answer the phone - - - NO -  I admit that he is my first caller on the NEW phone that I CAN'T EVEN ANSWER - - !! The humiliation continues, as I endure what seemed like an endless TV "laugh track" as Anderson tries to catch a breath and say SOMETHING without laughing - - - - - - THANK GOD he hangs up, cause I ain't figured that out yet either - - !!  BLAKE, after wiping the tears from his eyes - - is able to tell me that you SLIDE THE HUGE GREEN BUTTON - - NOT BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF IT - TO ANSWER THE PHONE - - - - - - --??  JEEZ - WISH ME LUCK - - :)
UHHHHH - How do I answer this??

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