Monday, June 21, 2010

Wild Weekend -

Last weekend was again busy for us (beginning Friday with trip in to the Lost Lands) and it was topped off Saturday evening with the sinking of a 1997, 32ft Fountain Fever at courtesy dock, while owner and family were having dinner at a local "on water" restaurant.
 Photo by Vern Lynn/ as seen in

We had a small storm kick up on Saturday afternoon which left me towing a 44ft Carver Cruiser, with steering locked/frozen in the "hard right" position - towed her 13 miles with the port engine astern in the notch and the starboard powered up to 1,250 RPM, so she would track  - Storm blew up and drenched us all and had a pretty good blow with it as well -
 44 CARVER on the string - "Wall Cloud" approaching from the NW (fast)
Meanwhile, Capt Jones out of the Osage Port was on a Tandem Tow from Osage Beach to Linn Creek, with a BOATUS member Pontoon and the Water Patrol had him pick up a disabled 28ft Mach 1 with 3 gals aboard, luckily headed in the same direction.  Jones said when the "storm" hit, the gals all crowded in to the "cuddy", but came quickly out a bit "green around the gills" from all the tossing around - -:)
Capt Jones in Tandem tow, shortly after make up, prior to storm

At the same time,  Capt Johnson was picking up another stranded BOATUS member out of the Linn Creek Port near the Niangua Hwy 5 bridge and towed them to the 26 mile mark.
We had a few other "routine" tows and 1 BUI tow

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