Saturday, June 19, 2010

THE BIG 10K MARK - 10,000 visits to this SITE!

Like most blogs, I have a "visit" counter on the bottom of this page - though at first - I wasn't quite sure how it worked or even how much information you can get from them.  (I am using the really cheap, as in free, counter).  It doesn't provide you with tons of data - but it does give up some pretty interesting stuff.  I paid little attention to it for the first year, but as time went on, I noticed the numbers beginning to climb as more people stumbled on to this blog;  you know, people in isolation, bored, in desperate need of some form of mindless entertainment -  anyway,   the last month or so, I noted my counter was creeping up on the 10,000 visit mark.  This (10K), for me, was a pretty high number, (I know that the "Big Boy" blogs like, Rodriguez's BITTER END rounds his site visits DOWN by 10K!! -)  Earlier this week it appeared that I might be rolling over that 10K mark in the next several weeks or maybe by Mid-July - - -  Then my friend Brent Simpson at LAKE EXPO.COM threw THIS little tid-bit out last Tuesday and SHAZZAMM!  

My little old cheapo sitemeter spiked over 500 on Tuesday and Wednesday, I had to cool it down with a fire extinguisher!, screwed up my computer, lost my hard drive - - I had hoped to be able to pin down my number 10,000 visitor, at least somewhat,  I do know they are about 249 miles from Lake Ozark and spent about 5 minutes on the site, most of which was on the JOIN BOATUS page and link - so it appears they signed up with BOATUS:) Thanks to that visitor and THANKS to all who made up the 10,000 visits since December of 2008!!



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Our Pleasure, Charlie. Thanks for the Kudos. But as usual, you did all the work.