Monday, May 17, 2010

"Pushin" on the Dock on the Bay - - OOOOOPS!

(Operator) was operating a vessel that was moving a dock upstream when he fell asleep while the vessel was underway. His vessel then collided with another dock and a sea wall. - - - - - OOOPS!
Last night at 1942 hrs (CDT), received call from the MSWP, stating they had arrested (on a BUI) a operator pushing a dock.  An officer was standing by the single well dock with a Lowe Jon Boat in the slip that was the "pusher" boat.  They needed the boat and dock taken to the owner's property where it was headed -  about 4 miles away.
Captain's Anderson and Jones headed out from the Linn Creek port and were quickly on scene.  Captain Jones took over the "pusher" boat and Capt Anderson secured Towboat 4701B alongside to also act as "pusher" and they headed for their destination at 4.5 mph.  Securing the dock at it's destination about 1 hour later.
PHOTO:  Capt Jones took the above shot from the helm of the Jon boat pusher, shortly after their arrival on scene - - TowBoat 4701B can be seen on the forward stbd side w/ yellow flashing light. 
For a feel of how it might be to relax, sitting in the nice porch swing (shown in the pict, center forward) - - Click on the picture and listen to OTIS - GOTTA, GOTTA, GOTTA REDDING's  - "  - -"Dock of the Bay" - - - I LOVE THIS COUNTRY!!!

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