Saturday, January 9, 2010

ICED IN - - Take the day off ?

WELL - For the first time that we have been at this location (7+ years), the cove has never totally iced up!  We have been having a long spell of single digits and below zero temps and the lake is freezing over more then it has in nearly 10 years.  In some places it is frozen completely across even in some of the wider areas.  Being a kindhearted fellow, I notified all our Captains to take the day off and stand down - looks like were not going anywhere for a few days  (joke, humor :-0)  IF we really had to get underway - we would be able to clear my cove and do a little Ice Breaking - - - brings back memories of making ice cubes on Lake Superior - many moons ago - - -


Summer Ridge View said...

I've never seen the freeze go across the main channel (1/10/2010). See Weatherbonk cams at:

Would love to see your icebreaker in action!!!

Bob Richards, Kansas City

Charles Meyer said...

Bob, thanks for the comment - Ice Breaker shots coming soon - - charlie