Monday, December 28, 2009

Winter reading and a little history -

Cabin fever? Snowed or iced in? Looking to shave off a few hours and do a little reading?
If you have any interest in the U.S. Coast Guard, its history, perhaps a son or daughter considering joining the service, a member of the CG Auxiliary or maybe looking for a gift for someone who may have served in the Coast Guard. Here is a look at the Coast Guard in recent times that many people were not aware of. The Coast Guard in Vietnam? Thought you guys never left home - - The Coast Guard just guards the coast - right? And so on. For your reading, I offer information on these two books regarding the U.S. Coast Guard's role in Vietnam.
THE COAST GUARD AT WAR - 1965 - 1975 - by Alex Larzelere and COAST GUARD ACTION IN VIETNAM - by Paul Scotti Available through (CLICK ON THE TITLE FOR DIRECT LINK TO PAGE)

Editor Note: These books are featured as this blog is dedicated to the boats and men of Squadron One, Vietnam, (where I served in 1969 & '70). The other Coast Guard missions and roles in Vietnam and previous wars along with more recent conflicts right up to today where our Coast Guard men and women are in harms way is NOT ignored nor forgotton. Semper- Paratus

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