Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Red Neck Jokes -from the West Coast

In order to protect the integrity of our midwest operations here at Lake of the Ozarks, I must respond to a recent post on  fellow Capt. Richard J. Rodriguez's BitterEnd Blog.  On this particular post ("You might be a Redneck") Capt RR made the insinuation that I had experience in this area?? (I quote:  (Ed. note:  BE reader Charlie Meyer has some experience with the above.))  I had no choice but to respond to his poor attempt at humor and sent him photographic evidence, along with a brief description of how "up to date" we are here in the Ozarks and how badly informed he is about "redneck operations" - He did have the courtesy to post my response on his "Fancy" blog, but "managed" to leave off the photographic evidence.  I believe he was fearful to reveal how our operations are truly "state of the art" leaving him way behind in the technology race along with the snobby guys out on the east coast who caught wind of our upgrades here in the Ozarks and tried to do a quick and "shabby" upgrade on their facilities see  "New Safe/Sea Emergency Response Center Comes Online!" As you can see their is NO comparison!  We have a real handle on the future here in the sticks - -
I have included my response to Capt RR and photo's, in this post, so the real truth can be known.
Capt C. Meyer 

Response to BitterEnd:

Capt RR, I highly resent your comments that insinuate my connection with ANY “Red Neck” type of operation and to prove it; I have attached photographic proof of our recent high tech, latest OZARK ingenuity – - -

This is OUR newly constructed Ozarks (Hillbilly) VHF HIGHSITE, (it also doubles as a deer stand in the winter).  Captain Jones can be seen on the ladder putting the finishing touches on our communication lines while Captain Johnson admires his newly installed sign – - .  Our High Site will enhance our already updated Lake communication system (2nd Photo) and provide us with a state of the art facility that should last us several years.  Please refrain from your petty inferences in the future  - Charlie

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