Saturday, November 14, 2009


Well, after being off the water and at the farm for almost a month and a half, I managed to get back to business here with MY first boat call since September. These boys are about to complete their "FRIDAY the 13TH" fishing cruise - - on the end of a towline - -.  Luckily, the owner was a BOATU.S. MEMBER with 100% towing coverage!!!  Remember YOU TOO can have "PEACE OF MIND" right now!!  CLICK HERE and join TODAY!!!  The "UNLIMITED" INLAND MEMBERSHIP will increase $5 beginning DECEMBER 1st, 2009, so save $5 now and become a member at the $53 Inland Rate until the end of November 2010!!!!!!   - - O.K. sales pitch is over - - -  "just do it" - -

During my absence, Captain's Jones, Johnson, Anderson & McNitt, stayed pretty active running 20 plus cases and Captain Jones provided a "safe" boat for the 2009 OSS Races at the 7 mile mark.  They also managed to add two more late season "BUI" cases, bringing our 2009 total to 47.  I believe this increase in our "Boating under the Influence" was partially attributed to "stepped up" enforcement and the "limit" drop from .10 to .08 which did not take effect until late in the season last year (2008).  Capt Johnson, Jones and McNitt also completed the salvage and recovery of a cruiser in Mid-October which had been "scuttled" (sunk on purpose)  and is still under investigation.  Things will continue to slow down as we approach the winter - - More to come later with some Vietnam "flashbacks" and maybe some details on this seasons cases.

- Calm winds and following seas - -

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