Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labor Day weekend Round-up

In all the "weekend" (Friday thru Monday) was pretty light for us, primarily due to the unseasonal weather - (cool temps and rain all of Friday and most of Saturday with carry over in to Sunday) this resulted in very moderate boating.  We had a total of 7 cases for that period, mostly routine and we unfortunately picked up our #45 BUI tow Saturday night, which ties us with 2007, a record I had hoped we would not equal or exceed.  Sunday was a little more exciting with an "abandoned" 38ft BaJa, left sinking at a local Marina.  We were contacted by the Water Patrol to respond, trailer and impound the vessel until the owner could be located.  It had not been reported as stolen, however; persons were seen removing the stereo & amplifier from it and all batteries were gone and it had nearly sank with water over both engines and generator?   Labor Day Monday is usually very quiet, but this year it was a good weather day and many spent their last minutes on the water which brought us 3 assists (nearly half of our weekend case load).  After Monday, historically things come to a near halt for the remainder of the week, this year however; we had a "small" salvage case of a 20 ft "Weldcraft" Bass boat that had sunk & capsized in its slip.  The season has slipped away rather quietly.

PHOTOS:  Top - Down - Our "abandoned" BaJa after de-watering.  2nd: - Captain Jones  (right) and MSWP officer trailering BaJa for haul-out and holding.

3rd thru 5th - Righting and Salvage of the 20ft "Weldcraft"

Editor note:  We located the BAJA lien holder, a Bank that had been "looking" for this one - -  They ain't Happy - - :-(

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