Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"Think" signs - - -

The BUI checkpoint at Party Cove saturday evening was washed out a little early when some weather moved in, this usually means most folks will get off the water, so we head for port in anticipation of a full nights sleep - - -  - not so.  At 2330 and 2331 hours, both myself and Captain Jones get rolled out on BUI calls, the first was just 3 minutes from my port.  A 38 ft Sea Ray had been stopped and the operator (and only person aboard) taken in to custody, the big cruiser needed to go to its home port at a large marina some 6 miles away.   One minute later Captain Jones is called for a BUI cruiser stop just outside of Port #2 in Osage Beach.  This 45 ft Cruiser had been stopped, though no arrests were made, the operator and none of the passengers were within limits to safely pilot the vessel home (which was the same marina that I was headed for).  Captain Jones had already gone home for the evening, so the patrolman stood by the vessel until Jones returned to the OB towboat and got on scene.  We also called out Steve Coursey (Atlantis Dive) to skipper the OB towboat so Capt Jones could pilot the cruiser home.  In the meantime, I 'm headed for the same marina piloting my cruiser with my towboat in tow - -  These situations sometimes get a little hairy - I'm headed for a marina in tow and not to sure of exactly where the cruiser has to go until I get there and locate her slip - So we implement PLAN B, since we (Jones and myself) will both hit the marina at nearly the same time - Steve takes my towboat in tow just outside the marina breakwater with the OB boat and heads for the fuel dock.  Jones brings his cruiser in (with much unsolicited advice from the not so sober passengers) and moors it in its slip.  (A not so easy feat when you are operating an unfamiliar, high $ boat and worrying some of your "crew" will wind up in the drink).
Luckily, I have no "crew" and tie up my cruiser at the fuel dock until her slip can be located.   After docking his cruiser, Jones locates my cruiser slip with his towboat and we smartly moor her up in her home berth.  I love it when a plan comes together - -


Note:  Rolling message courtesy of BANK STAR ONE, Hwy HH, Lake Ozark

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