Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Don't let the "Calm" fool you

Although things seem to be slowing down a bit - the weekend was chock full of mishaps - - The nights were moonless, so we sort of expect were going to have some trouble and we usually do.  The Missouri State Water Patrol responded to one "collision with object" on Friday night and four (4) "two boat collisions" on Saturday, including one in broad daylight, (see here)  there was and additional collision Saturday night in which a 42 ft Sea Ray was moored at a local watering hole when it was supposedly boarded by a man who got it underway and slammed it smartly in to the finger piers directly ahead of it - - - punching a rather nice hole in the bow of the Sea Ray  - we assisted the water patrol and moored the Sea Ray in another slip while they sorted the whole thing out - an arrest was made for BUI so we chalk that one up in our BUI column - -.  Monday was calm with no calls and today (Tuesday) has been quiet with a routine morning battery jump and a short tow of a disabled COBALT with a blown engine - - -  (pictured above, in tow for Osage Beach)

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