Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sunday, 0100 BUI, Auto recovery & spill clean-up

By now being a member of the elite 0100 BUI club is beginning to get old, but  - "off we go" - Received the call from the WP at exactly the same time as Saturdays 0100 call, underway same time, on scene same time only this time we "impounded" vessel and back home same time for total of 1.25 hrs - - I was beginning to think it was a "Groundhog Day" scenario - From there it was out the door @ 0530 and underway to assist Captain Tim McNitt and crew in the recovery of the vehicle from Saturday nights' tragic accident.  The vehicle was floated up and we towed it to a nearby boat ramp where it was turned over to American Towing @ 0730hrs.  We then turned our attention to the rather large sheen of fuel and other contaminants on the water in and around the area where the vehicle had gone down.  The oil was trapped by all the boat slips and docks at the restaurant and was not dissipating.  MO DNR had been notified of the spill, but were needing updates from us and requested we make "best" effort to contain, mitigate and recover the spill. They were also sending their "Emergency Response" unit from Jeff city to evaluate the spill.  We spent nearly 5 hours (30 man hours), deploying 240 foot of boom expended a bale of "peat" numerous "pads", "sweeping" containing & recovering the spill as best as possible.   
Photos - (click to enlarge)
From Top down - 1.  Vehicle rises to surface supported by 4, 2000 lb lift bags
2.  In tow for boat ramp
3.  Preparing to turnover to American Towing
4.  "Sweeping" to contain fuel & oil
5.  deploying "peat" sorb to absorb contaminants
6.  Recovering contaminated peat.

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