Wednesday, July 29, 2009

BUI, HST, Sobriety check #2,

Saturday began early with an 0100 call out for a BUI in the Gravois Arm, a 42 ft Chris Craft had to be returned to her slip, this was accomplished by towing the towboat behind the big Chris to near her mooring, cutting the towboat loose to drift, mooring the Chris in her slip stern in, securing her with the help of two water patrol officers and then being ferried back to my drifting towboat and off to home - - that was followed by a 17 mile HST of a 25ft 4 Winns from the Gravois Arm to Marine Max service, then immediately on to the Water patrol check-point that was being held at the mouth of "Party Cove".  I picked up Captain Dave Anderson at the marina and met Captain Jones and McNitt on the 20ft Whaler towboat from Port #3 at our stand-by station in Party Cove.  We had three (3) total BUI tows from there and Capt Jones also had an assistance call he responded to @ the 15 m/m after completing his BUI escort.  Capt Dave and I completed our last BUI pilot/escort around 2030 hrs.
Top - 25 ft 4 WINNS under high speed tow (HST)  from Coconuts, Gravois Arm to Marine Max, Lake Ozark (17 miles).
Center - Patrol boat stopping vessel during sobriety check point
Bottom - 4 of the 7 plus patrol boats can be seen in this shot conducting stops in the mouth of Party Cove - there were 7 arrests made out of 105 vessels stopped.  See article of July 26, 2009.

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