Sunday, April 12, 2009

HAPPY EASTER! Looking for a end to the dry spell -

Well its Easter Sunday morning here, overcast and temp around 41 degrees on the lake.  About 0730 this morning brought a call that may be a sign the dry spell is beginning to ease?  After being beaten out of a (non-emergency) soft unground with tow and another (non-emergency) tow by the Taxpayers of Missouri fleet of vessels over the past several days, I finally got a call to pick up a pontoon boat this morning!! Oh joy!, I had almost forgotten which end of the boat was the pointy one - -!  It was a 100% routine short run, but it made a believer out of the customer and he will now be a member.  After a few days of hurling the scanner radio against the wall and putting icepacks on my forehead to relieve the pain of beating it against the same wall as the state ungrounded and towed a vessel stuck on sandbar several evenings ago and last night the state responded and towed a "stranded" vessel to shore after the customer refused commercial service which was less than 20 minutes from him.  The officer had to proceed to his boat by land, get underway, stopped another boater and issued a warning en-route to this "distress", arrived on scene about 55 minutes from time of dispatch, towed vessel to shore - - WTF!!!!!!
This is great - I was on the phone with the boat operator and advised him of what the charges would be for a night tow, AT THE SAME TIME, THE OFFICER WAS ON THE PHONE WITH THE BOAT OPERATOR'S WIFE - AND THEY HAD A CHOICE - - !!  PAY $***.00 FOR TOW HOME or PAY $0.00 for free tow to beach - NOW WHICH DO YOU THINK THEY TOOK?? 

I will be posting a follow-up on the subject of TAXPAYER FUNDED, UNFAIR COMPETITION soon meanwhile HAPPY EASTER TO ALL

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