Friday, January 2, 2009

Out with the old, In with the new!

Happy New Year to all!  
This time of year is considered pretty much "off season" for a large number of us in this business, though we maintain a stand-by position, the calls this time of year are few and far between - So on 12-30-08, I had figured things were about wrapped up, when I received a call from the Water Patrol to pick up a "drift away" PWC that was taking on water, impound it and contact owner. This was just three days after Capt Jones had retrieved another stray PWC, against a rock bluff wall.  So I suited up and took the closest towboat (Port #3, Linn Creek) and ran the 11 miles to scene, de-watered the slightly submerged PWC, and towed it back to port.  To top it off - on NEW YEARS DAY, 2009, we are called to pick-up yet ANOTHER wayward PWC!!   What does this mean? - To most -NOTHING!  To those of us who like to think the glass is "half-full" - I guess you might consider it a omen?   I am sure by now that most readers (if there are any) figure this guy has way to much time on his hands - Probably right - but, for the half-full crowd, getting three tows (admittedly small) in five days, (off season), with one of them on the FIRST day of the NEW YEAR - to me  - Its a GOOD SIGN -

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