Friday, February 7, 2014


January on Lake of the Ozarks is usually pretty quiet for obvious reasons - but this year, we made some routine calls with a couple of not so routine ones thrown in:

January 11 - 40ft Tiara - Sinks at dock:
Sitting a "wee" bit low - -
Atlantis Dive crew and TowBoat Captain Dwayne Johnson
spent a LONG cold day recovering this baby
January 14 - Captain's Johnson & McNitt  make a Cold & Windy return of a "drift away" 24ft  Lowe to its home dock in Niangua Arm.

January 16 - Captain's Johnson & McNitt depart Osage Beach on 2 hour Dock to Dock cruise, returning a 40 ft Sea Ray to its home dock:
Captain Johnson in TowBoat 4702 heads out with 40ft Sea Ray for the 11 mile mark.
Atlantis Dive Captain McNitt maintains a watch aboard the tow.
Photo: Leaving Formula Boatsin the Grand Glaize (Grand Glaize bridge ahead)
 January 18 - Captain Dave Anderson has BoatUS Gold Member 37ft Sea Ray "Dock to Dock" tow from the 33 MM to Marine Max @ 17.5 MM.

January 19 - Captain Anderson,  recovers and returns "drift away" Sailboat owned by the "Boy Scouts" at the 42.5 MM to home dock at the 44 MM.
"Scouts" 20ft Sailboat had broken loose in high winds and grounded against shore
about a mile and half away from home dock -
Mother Nature in the form of very cold temperatures followed by rapid "warm ups" caused some pretty interesting weather patterns here.  She still has a "strangle hold" today with temps in single digits, major icing and lots of snow - -  CHECK THY BOAT - -

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